Helpful Tips


        Be VERY NICE to your WIFE (especially if she feeds and handraises for you!)

        Do not give any birds or animals chocolate or avocado (give chocolate to wife instead).

        Your bird needs vitamins and calcium regularly.

        Most birds enjoy a variety of fruit and vegetables.

        Lorikeets love native flowers such as Bottle Brush and Grevillias.

        Talk to your Lorikeets often if you would like them to talk back to you!

        Female Lorikeets talk just as much as Male Lorikeets do (imagine that!)

        Lots of clean drinking water must always be available Lorikeets love to bath in their water bowls.

        We feed our lorikeets Lori Dry as well as the above

        Wet mix is not essential for Lorikeets, but if you do provide this to your lorikeets, it is a good idea to take the bowl out after a couple of hours as bacteria breeds quickly especially in the warmer weather.

        Rainbow Lorikeets can breed all year round, they normally lay 1-2 eggs or sometimes 3 in a clutch.

        Rainbow Lorikeet eggs are usually incubated for approximately 24 days.

        Rainbow Lorikeets can be kept in a colony environment, but breed well as pairs, in individual aviaries.

        Rainbow Lorikeets breed from about 12 months of age.

        Rainbows, Red Collars and Scaleys need to be either surgically sexed or DNA sexed to determine their sex.


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